Westport Jetty Fishing

Westport Jetty Fishing Chehalis Point
“Westport Jetty Chehalis Point”

Westport Westhaven State Park Jetty is a popular destination for both anglers and surfers looking for an adventure. On any sunny windy summer day, Westhaven Park beach is packed with surfers because it’s one of only a hand full of places on the Washington coast where the condition is right for surfing. And what makes the surfing condition ideal is the Jetty, a long man-made rock formation extending almost a mile into the unforgiven ocean. On the southern side of the jetty, the jetty amplifies the waves making it ideal for surfing. While the northern side the Jetty calms (the word “calms” is used very loosely) the water entering the bay making it a popular destination for Washington Westport Jetty fishing destination.

A Discovery Pass is required for Westhaven State Park which anglers can buy at the local gas station before entering the park on Jetty Haul Rd. After entering the park, anglers will park their car and hike northeast for about 200 yards on a trail where they will come to Chehalis Point. And from Chehalis Point anglers will catch the first glimpse of the jetty. Many anglers will be fooled by the beauty of the view, waves crashing into the beautiful landscape running miles peacefully parrel with the ocean. But the seasoned anglers will see a different picture, one with an understanding of an artist perspective and the reality of a brutal and indifference nature. A view of a fisted knuckle coastline with the Jetty as the middle finger flipping off anglers daring them to fish it.  On a normal fishing day at the jetty anglers will pass by returning fishers, beaten down by the weather, waves, and rocks, head down, staring intently a few feet in front of them spotting danger as to not trip or slip on rocks, and tiredly mumbling the iconic word “F@#K the Jetty!”  These three worlds are the welcoming siren call of the Westport Jetty taunting all anglers.  But for few faithful anglers looking for a challenge or those entering a midlife crisis the Jetty awaits!

Baits to use for Westport Jetty Fishing

When jetty fishing people tend to gravitate toward two categories soft plastic swimbait and raw bait. Swimbait comes in many different sizes but in general, it should be over 4 inches and weigh over 1/2 oz. Many people like the color green and red while some people prefer an all-white color fish. Another popular swimbait is curl tail grub which many people consider their go to bait. The most effective curl tail grub colors are green, neon green, white and black. But don’t forget a heavy jig head is required when fishing curl tail grub in the ocean, 1/2 oz – 2 oz depending on the waves and ocean current.  Fly fishers they will want to use bait fly with fly lines with a 10-15ft sinking tip.

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Westport Jetty Fishing gears – rods and reels

When fishing the Jetty Angles will want rods 9′ or above, with the line weight 8-17lb or above. This will give anglers enough backbone for most rockfish and sea perch and an occasional lingcod. The reel should be rated for saltwater and with at least 100 yards of line.  The Jetty is so vast, there is plenty of room for fishing, anglers don’t need to worry about crowds or be precise with their cast. So either baitcasting rod or spinning rod will work on the jetty. For anglers fishing for lingcod, they will need to bring a net with a long handle to bring up the catch.  Fly fishers will want an 11′ switch rod 7wt or above or 9′ classic fly rod 8wt or above.  The fly reel will need to be rated for saltwater with sealed drag and fly lines will need to cut through the heavy wind.

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Westport Jetty Fishing Shiny Perch
“Shiny Perch”

Type of fishing found at Westport Jetty Fishing

There are three types of fish when fishing on at the jetty rockfish, sea perch, and lingcod. The most common rockfish fish is the black sea bass, they can be caught with swimbait, jigging and anchovies. There are two types of sea perch, surf perch, and shiny perch and both are can be caught using a drop shot with shrimp or clam neck. And lastly the lingcod. When fishing for lingcod some people use whole sea bass or big lures. Smaller lingcod will go for shrimp and herrings but the big one will want something bigger pipe jig or a big squid jig.

How to fish the Westport Jetty fishing

There are three ways to fishing the jetty, jigging, slow retrieve using a swim bait and drop shot with shrimp, anchovies, and razor clam neck. Anglers will need to try all three techniques to see what works best that day.
When jigging at the jetty cast far and let the lure drop. Then lift the tip of the rod to bring the lure up then drop the rod tip and let the lure sink. And slowly retrieve the line while the jig drop. Repeat the jigging process.
For swimbaits use slow retrieve technique. Simple cast into the ocean, then slowly retrieve the lure. Anglers will need to try different speed to see what works best. A good rule of thumb is to retrieve slowly on cold days and retrieve medium speed on warmer days.

Outfits to wear on Jetty trip

Many Anglers make the mistake of wearing waders and wading shoes at the jetty. Big mistake! The hike is long and rocky waders and wading shoes will limit anglers movement and range. The best plan is the wear something comfortable, an outfit use for long hikes is ideal. Hiking clothes and a good pair of hiking boots will work best for the long trek on the jetty. Coastal weather change rapidly Anglers should also bring raincoat, hat and wear layers.

Westport Jetty Fishing is dangerous so always use caution.  If it’s raining do not go, the rocks are like ice when wet.  Always have enough water and snack for the whole trip, there’s no running back to the car for a drink.  And always say a prayer the night before and hope you will never utter the words “F@#$k the jetty!”

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