Upgrading Hobie Revo drainage hole rudder seat

The Hobie Revolution has always been one of my favorite kayaks due to its speed and small size which makes it one of the easier car toping kayaks in the Hobie lineup. But the stock version of the kayak needs to be upgraded to really bring out its performance. We will be making three upgrades to the stock 2014 Hobie Revo kayak to increase its performance and usability. The first upgrade we will change the rudder to the sailing rudder to increase tracking and maneuverability. The second upgrade, since this is a 2014 kayak and it doesn’t have a CT Seat, we will add extra padding to the kayak seat. Third, we will be upgrading Hobie Revo drainage hole by adding a one-way valve to the drainage holes.

Below are the list materials needed for upgrading Hobie Revo drainage hole: one-way valve, rudder, and seat.

Sailing Rudder, EVA anti-fatigue mat, and 2 one-way valves from Duraheat plastic siphon:

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Upgrading to the sailing rudder is a must for all Hobie kayaks because it provides better tracking and increases maneuverability allowing for tighter turns. The upgrade is simple, all you need is a Phillip screwdriver. Simply remove the 6 screws holding the rudder and remover the rudder. Then remove the bolts on the back. If the bolts are stuck use a screw to pop out the bolts. Then put the bolt on the back of the sailing rudder, reconnect the sailing rudder to the kayak and screw the 6 screws back into the holes.

The next upgrade is the seat. For Hobie kayaks 2015 or newer kayak with the CT Seat, this upgrade is not necessary. But since this is the 2014 Revo with the older seat, upgrading with extra padding will provide a more comfortable ride. You can buy the inflatable seat which cost around $50 or you can find an EVA anti-fatigue mat and cut out a pad cushion. Simply place the seat on the mat and draw an outline then cut out the shape. If you need more padding cut out another seat pad and us silicon glue to attach the two mats.   Then simply place the mat under the kayak seat and you have a DIY Hobie kayak seat upgrade. Be careful not to add too much padding because it can make the kayak unstable.

Upgrading Hobie Revo drainage hole with a one-way valve from a plastic siphon

And finally upgrading Hobie Revo drainage hole, we will install a one-way valve in the drainage holes under the seat. The problem with the stock plug is that if it’s plugged in and water comes over the side of the kayak you are sitting water. If it’s unplugged and a wave hits the kayak water will push up through the holes from under the kayak. The best solution is the install the one-way valve in the two drainage holes on the bottom of the kayak, this will keep the water from pushing throw the bottom when a wave hits.  And as you are moving forward it will also siphon excess water from the kayak in the seat area.  I would recommend this upgrade for all Hobie kayaks 2014 model or older.  

Upgrading Hobie Revo drainage holeHobie one-way valve doesn’t exist! But there is a product that has 2 one-way valves that fit perfectly in the Hobie kayak drainage hole the DuraHeat Plastic Siphon Pump. Please refer to the picture for the correct siphon.  After you purchase the siphon carefully remove the plastic two valves from the siphon, there is no trick to this just use an Exacto knife and cut the plastic until you can pop out the valve. Next, unscrew stock drainage plug and pop it out. You will need to completely remove the plug. Then flip the kayak over and clean the drainage hole. Put some silicon glue in the hole and up the one-valve in each hole. Before install the valve MAKE SURE THE OPENING OF THE VALVE IS FACING THE BACK OF THE KAYAK! Once the valves are in the holes use your finger to push the valve into the hole making sure not the damage the flap on the valve.

Making these three upgrades to the Hobie Revo will greatly increase its performance and comfort of the kayak and will make your Fishing Washington kayak outing more enjoyable.  

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