Trolling for trout kayak fishing

A great introduction to kayak fishing is to troll for trout! It’s an easy and fun activity that will help motivate people to get out and enjoy the outdoors. There are a few things to consider when trolling for trout kayak fishing, proper fishing gears and the proper time to troll for trout.

Trolling for trout kayak fishing gear

When selecting the rod to make sure it’s ultra light 2-6lb line weight with 1/32oz to 1/4oz lure weight, a rod sensitive enough to feel the smallest bite. The rod should be short less than 6ft, this will make it easy to set up the rod in the kayak and will be easier to land the fish.   A great alternative to trout rod for trolling in a kayak is an ice fishing rod. The fishing line should be mono 2 pounds to 6 pounds, trout have sensitive so the lighter the line the better.

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Tips on how to troll for trout kayak fishing with Fishing Washington

Trolling for trout kayak fishing spinnerTrolling for trout kayak fishing plasticChoosing accurate lure is important, a basic rule is to use a spinner lure with it’s a sunny day and to use plastics jig or nightcrawler worms on a cloudy day.  On a sunny day, the spinner setup will produce the best result, the sun ray will bounce off the metal spinner and will attract the trout.  On a cloudy day use a jig with a plastics or nightcrawler worms.  If using plastic lure add some trout egg scent this will help attract the trout.

Trolling for trout kayak fishing trout reportChoosing the right place and time to troll for trout can be difficult and most people make the mistake of going to a private fishing forum for information.  The best research is to search the Fish and Wildlife website for trout stoking reports.  This will provide the best time to fish trout.  If they just release the trout usually within the week the trout will stay close to the release area.  Then after a week or so they will start branching out. When trolling for trout let out about 40ft – 70 ft of line and go about 1.5mph to 2mph.  


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