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Most people are unaware that most cars, even the small cars that don’t come with a factory hitch, has a towing capacity around 1000 lbs.  Car owners will need to check with their car manufacturer for specific details on their car towing capacity.  But in general, it’s about 1000 lbs.  With this in mind, for anyone looking for the best boat to tow with a small car, it is the classic 13.5 ft Boston Whaler.  A small car towing boat is uncommon but it is possible. 

Modern Boston Whaler is heavy due to the accessory integrated into the interior.  Unlike interior, the hull design hasn’t changed much over time.  The old classic Whaler interior is not over accessorized with overweighted design, the hull weighing in under 300 lbs (excluding the seats and wood finish). 

13ft Classic Boston Whalers Specs:
Weight: around 350 lb with seats (depending on the year)
Maz Weight Capacity: 1000 lb or 6 person max
Lengh:13′ 4″
Beem 5′ 5″
Draft: 6″

The 13ft Boston Whaler is an iconic boat, it’s famous for being the “Unsinkable Boat”  even though most modern boats are unsinkable.  There are numerous of pictures walers cutting in half and it will still float due to the foam injected into the hull.  The 13ft whaler is the perfect size for a small car towing a boat.  with the dry weight less than 450lb, it is ideal for a small car.  But be warned, when towing anything, especially a boat, with the car, it will put stress on the transmission of the car and shorten its life.

Restoring a 13 Classic Boston Whaler is a project most DIYer can do.  It’s not too difficult most people will find it rewarding.  When people restore it they can customize like add a bow trolling motor or tiller outboard.

13ft Classic Boston Whaler: A Small Car Towing Boat.

What makes the 13ft Classic Boston Whaler the ideal boat for towing with a small car?  The main reason is the boat weight and size in relation to its capacity.  It is true 13 ft or even some 16ft aluminum boat is lighter, but most aluminum boats only capacity 400lb-600lb.  The boston whaler is more stable and versatile, it can be rigged for crabbing, bass, steelheads, and salmons, or can be the best crappies setup.  

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