WDFW Sportfishing Rules Updates

Razor clam digs approved for Feb. 6 through Feb. 12

Action:  Opens Razor clam seasons.

Effective dates:  Feb. 6 through Feb. 12, 2024

Species affected:  Razor Clams

Specific evening low tides and beaches that are open (digging allowed from 12:00 P.M. (noon) through 11:59 P.M.)

Map of razor clam beaches on Washington coast

Photo by WDFW

Feb. 6, Tuesday, 3:52 p.m.; 0.0 feet; Mocrocks

Feb. 7, Wednesday, 4:41 p.m.; -0.7 feet; Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Copalis

Feb. 8, Thursday, 5:26 p.m.; -1.2 feet; Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Copalis

Feb. 9, Friday, 6:09 p.m.; -1.4 feet; Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Mocrocks

Feb. 10, Saturday, 6:49 p.m.; -1.4 feet; Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Mocrocks

Feb. 11, Sunday, 7:29 p.m.; -1.0 feet; Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Copalis

Feb. 12, Monday, 8:08 p.m.; -0.3 feet; Long Beach, Copalis


Long Beach, which extends from the Columbia River to Leadbetter Point.

Twin Harbors Beach, which extends from Cape Shoalwater to the south jetty at the mouth of Grays Harbor.

Copalis Beach; which extends from the Grays Harbor north jetty to the Copalis River, and includes Ocean Shores, Oyhut, Ocean City and Copalis areas.

Mocrocks Beach, which extends from the Copalis River to the southern boundary of the Quinault Reservation near the Moclips River, including Iron Springs, Roosevelt Beach, Pacific Beach and Moclips.

Reason for action:  Harvestable numbers of razor clams are available and toxin levels are safe for consumption for clams from Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Copalis, and Mocrocks beaches.

Additional information:  The daily limit is 15 razor clams per person. Under state law, a daily limit consists of the first 15 clams dug regardless of size or condition, and each digger’s clams must be kept in a separate container.

Digging is prohibited in the following Permanent Razor Clam Reserve Closure areas which are marked by metal posts and signed to designate a “no digging” area:

  • Copalis Beach Reserve:  From a point .4 miles south of the Ocean City approach (2nd Ave.) and extending south for ¼ mile.
  • Long Beach Reserve:  Beginning 2.7 miles north of the Oysterville approach and extending north for ¼ mile.

Information contact:  Bryce Blumenthal (360) 249-4628, Region 6 Montesano

source https://wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/regulations/emergency-rules/razor-clam-digs-approved-feb-6-through-feb-12-2024-02

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