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FishingWAs guided kayak trips, offering kayakers views of the most breathtaking and awe-inspiring adventures in the Pacific Northwest. And one of best ways to explore it is with peaceful FishingWa guided kayak trip. To world travelers, adventure seekers and casual tourist FishingWa offer many unique guided kayak trip. From island hopping in the saltwater of Puget Sound to kayaking on crystal clear lakes high in the mountains to camping in islands on man-made reservoirs.  The diverse beauty of the Pacific Northwest offers travelers from all over the world unique exploring adventures. 

With our Hobie peddle kayak and guided kayak trip packages, kayakers can explore in style.  They can explore lakes, Sounds, and waterways in the Pacific Northwest.   Hobie kayaks are safe, easy to learn and fun workout.  It’s easier to learn and yet challenging enough for advanced kayakers. Our Hobie kayak fleet has a range of 4 to 10 miles.  So even novice kayaker can travel four miles a day.

Island Hopping around the Puget Sound with northwest guided kayak trips

One of the most popular northwest guided kayak trips is the Kayak Island Hopping Adventure on the saltwater of the Puget Sounds.  It offers kayakers the rare opportunity to explore different islands and activities include camping, hiking, clamming, crabbing, and fishing kayak trips. Kayaking in the sound offers the possibility of catching glimpse of some of Puget Sound majestic creatures like bald eagles, orcas, dolphins, sea lions, blue herrings, seals, and many others. The Puget sound offers beautiful sceneries, calm water, mild temperature and luscious green landscapes.  

A few popular Pacific Northwest guided kayak trips island destinations.

Anderson Island WWTA Camp Ground
Anderson Island is located 10 miles southwest of the city of Tacoma. The campsite is situated on a gravel spit on the southwest side of the island, in Carlson Bay. With the WWTA pass, campers can enjoy an overnight island camping experience. At night campers will hear distant trains from the mainland along with the soothing waves of the Puget Sounds. Look west before going to bed and you might catch remarkable Sunsets dropping below the horizon.

Eagle Island 
Located in Balch Passage between Anderson and McNeil islands, this state park property near Tacoma is known by boaters as the gateway to South Puget Sound. Eagle Island Marine State Park is accessible only by watercraft.
Washington’s iconic peak Mount Rainier is a showstopper on the eastern horizon. Even on partly sunny days, the 14,411-foot giant may be visible, hovering over the clouds or the land.

Hope Island Marine State Park
Hope Island is a special place to those who live in the greater Olympia-Shelton-Hoodsport area. These communities share their treasure with the hope that visitors approach the island with a sense of wonder.
The island can only be reached by watercraft, motorized, human or wind-powered. Located near Hunter Point in Eld Inlet on Puget Sound, Hope Island’s terrain is made up of Douglas-fir, cedar, hemlock, alder and maple trees. A wealth of tasty shellfish draws bald eagles and great blue herons. The park is popular with human shellfish harvesters in season.
Beach walks and hiking trails allow for sightings of land-based wildlife too. Picnickers may enjoy their bounty in a historic orchard of fruit and nut trees, planted by early homesteaders a century ago.  Island offers overnight kayak camping trips.

McMicken Island Marine State Park
McMicken Island is so small, you could easily miss it. But boaters who love Puget Sound would not want to miss it. Though this small state park in the fold of Harstine Island is only reachable by boat, low tide allows you to walk across a sandbar to and from Harstine Island for a few hours each day.
Set anchor in the island’s cove, check out the sand bar and take the 1-mile hiking trail through the woods. Drop your crab pots, bust out your rod and reel, or get a shellfish license and pluck delicious clams and oysters in season. You may have to share that bounty with a resident eagle, but, hey, a visitor could do worse for a fishing companion (or competitor).

FishingWA offers unique guided kayak trips.

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