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Lamiglas Insane Surf Review

For those people who don’t know much about Lamiglas rod company, the should remember two things.  One, Lamiglas actually build really nice rods.  They have been in the rod building business for over 70 years and they know how to build rods.  Two, they have one of the dumbest marketing department among the rod company.  In our Lamiglas Insane Surf review, they live up to their reputation of building one of the best budget surf rods and then giving it one of the dumbest names!

Best deal Lamiglas insane surf rod

History of the Lamiglas Rods

Lamiglas rod company have been building fishing rods and rod blanks for over 70 years and if you haven’t heard about them you are not alone. Besides the Pacific Northwest and Oregon, they are not as popular as some of the other high-end rod companies.  But they do make really nice rods.  And having used many of their high-end rods, it is comparable to the higher end G Loomis or the St. Croix.

But unlike the Loomis and Croix, Lamiglas Rod Company has a history dumb marketing.  For example, when they came out with their high-end SI series, they didn’t put the lure weight on the rod.  Or they have the rod series dumbly called “The Closer.”  And the websites provide little information about the insane surf rod.  And this Lamiglas Insane Surf review, Lamiglas keeps its’ idiotic tradition of name dumb rods while building really nice rods.

Lamiglas Insane Surf Review

Lamiglas Insane Surf Review

The first thing we realized when we picked up the Lamiglas Insane Surf Rod was how similar it was to Lamiglas’ Red Line Series.  The finish, color, and construction are similar. Both rods are made outside the United States and both have a one-year warranty. Even though Lamiglas doesn’t say if the blanks are the same when we cast the rod it was similar to each other, we are quite sure they share the same DNA rod blanks.

We reviewed the 10 ft spinning surf rod, with line weight 12-25lbs and lure weight 1-3 oz.  Lamiglas rated it as having a moderate to fast action and we think it leans more toward the fast action when casting.  After spending a whole day fishing with the rod, we surprised how well it casts.

But one of the biggest gripe we have with Lamiglas is the way they retail their rods.  For example, on the insane surf rod, it has a sticker that with the retail $189.99 while some retail it for $149.99. But you can get it for well under $150.  Lamiglas does this for all their rods, they constantly overvalue the retail price.

Is the Lamiglas Insane Surf Rod the best budget Surf Rod?

After spending a day with the rod, the experience we have with Lamiglas red line series and factoring the price of the rod, we can safely say this one of the best, if not the best budge surf rod.  If one can get over its dumb name, its one-year limited warranty and that it is not made in the United States, this is a great rod for anyone who wants to nice surf rod without having to break the bank.

One thought on “Lamiglas Insane Surf Review

  • It is ironic that the writer slams Lamiglas for how they price their rods and the names their marketing people come up with, while at the same time neglecting to have anyone familiar with English grammar proof read their review. Given the obvious challenges displayed with the English language, I’m not sure their opinions about fishing are trustworthy either.


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