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Let a professional guide take you on a kayak fishing guide adventure!

FishingWa affiliates offer anglers from all over the world a unique fishing opportunity with our fleet of peddle kayaks. Our kayak fishing guide uses the Hobie kayaks, which offers hands-free kayaking making it ideal for kayak fishing.

Our kayak fishing tips can be custom tailored to many different types of fishings, from fly fishing on lakes an river to conventional saltwater fishing to trolling with downriggers. With such a versatility, our kayaks can meet the needs of almost any person. Most of our kayak fishing trip ranges between 3 to 6 hour. But anglers need to factor in the time it takes to kayak to the fishing spot and back when signing up for our package. It usually takes anywhere from half an hour to an hour to kayak to the fishing spot.   And for the more adventurous fishers, we have overnight camping fishing adventures.

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Grande Adventure with kayak fishing guide

The All different type of anglers, from bass fishermen to fly fishermen will enjoy the unique kayak FishingWa guided fishing trips.  Everyone one has a retirement dream, 


Kayak Fishing Guide Species:

Sea-run Cutthroats
Kayak fishing for sea-run cutthroats in the saltwater of the Puget sounds is a popular activity in the Puget Sound.  Many anglers fish from the shore hoping the fish come to them. But the peddle kayaks anglers will be able to go to the cutthroat runs.

Most people have fond memories of fishing for small aggressive panfish when they were young.  Some of the panfish spies in the pacific northwest include crappies, perch, bluegill and rock bass. With their aggressive nature, the action is bountiful.  Panfish fishing offers kids and adults of all ages a memorable simpler innocent fishing experience.

Bass Kayak fishing!  For all the bass fisher, kayak fishing experiences every bass fishing must try.  The Hobie mirage peddle drive give kayak bass fishing an advantage over other watercraft.  And when an angler hook on to a bass in a kayak, get ready it’s going be a ride.  

Star Flounder (Fluke)
Star Flounders are one of the Puget sound best-kept secret.  They range from 1 to 8 lbs.  But unlike may bottom fish they like to hunt on the tide flats during high tides in depth of 10-20 ft.  The fishing condition, their size, and their aggressive native make them one of the best fly fishing fish in the Puget Sound.

Kakaness are considered landlocked silver salmon.  Kayak fishing for them is more for the patient anglers.  They feed at certain dept according to temperature. Kayak Anglers pluck fish, bobber fish and the most popular troll.

Tiger Muskies
Tiger muskies, also known as “the fish of  1000 cast” is the Washington States biggest game fishing.  They are called “the fishing of 1000 cast” for a reason, they are hard to catch.  And only a few lakes in Washington are stoked with them.   And it will take a patient angler willing to spend days fishing to catch one. And for those anglers willing to put in the time and are fortunate enough to get one to bite, the reward of landing Washington’s biggest game fishing will give any anglers bragging rights.