Installing BBQ Grilling on a Kayak

Some of the anti-kayak-grilling groups will advise against grilling on a kayak, spreading their anti-kayak-grilling propaganda by focusing on the inherent danger of grilling on a kayak!  But here at FishingWa, to those naysayers we say Hogwash!  Here’s an interesting fact we just made up, the tradition of kayak grilling dates back centuries to a Puyallup tribe Chief Big Buffalo Quicken aka Chief BBQ first decided to grill his catch while kayaking on the Puget Sound. Giving birth to Kayak Grilling.

Grilling on a kayak
Magma Grill Mounted on Hobie AI

Things to consider before Grilling on a Kayak

Three things to consider when installing a BBQ grill on a kayak; 1) the type of kayak, 2) type of grill and 3) place to mount the grill.  First, choose a stable kayak!  Don’t focus so much on the style of the kayak but rather practicality.  An older stable kayak is the preferred choice.  Old in case it burns down and stability so your food won’t roll when grilling.

Second, don’t go with charcoal, even though it adds more flavor to the food, it will exponentially increase the chance of burning down your kayak. Use a small magma marine propane grill.  It’s made for the water and you can control the heat.

Third, take the time and find the best place to mount the grill.  It needs to be far enough away from you so you can still peddle or paddle and yet be close enough to manage the grill.  Use a backplate to mount the grill to avoid tearing the kayak apart.

Hobie AI Grilling on a kayak
Scotty mount anchored to the side of the Hobie AI

Old Hobie Island Adventure, it has detachable outriggers which makes it extremely stable, a perfect candidate to mount a grill.  It has the Scotty mount on the side which fits the Magma grill mount, but the location is problematic and the mount is too weak.  Install a Scotty mount with a back plate on the front of the kayak next to the sail rig which will add strength to the grill mount. With the grill safely mounted to kayak, all that’s left are kayak trips and BBQ!

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