Guided Fly Fishing Kayak Trips

Hobie Outback fly fishing kayak
“Hobie Mirage Drive Kayaks frees your hands for fishing”
hobie-180-drive for fly fishing kayak
“Hobie mirage drive 180 allows for reverse drive.

FishingWa and affiliates guide services offer world anglers unique opportunity to explore the Pacific Northwest on a guided fly fishing kayak adventures. But you don’t have to be a fly fisher to take advantage of the opportunities, our Hobie line of kayaks offers hands-free kayaking, making it ideal for both traditional kayak fishing and kayak fly fishing.  And for those who wish to learn how to fish, FishingWa affiliates offers traditional and fly fishing lessons with all fishing kayak trips.  Our Hobie guided fishing kayak trip will take you on an incredible and wonderous kayaking journey. You will be marveled and amazed at the natural beauty the Pacific Northwest.

Kayak Fishing with Hobie fly fishing kayak package

 No other kind of fishing trip is comparable to the unique experience of a peddle kayak fishing adventure.  Fishing with traditional rods and reels, whether it’s bass fishing on lakes or fishing on the saltwater waters, adding peddling kayak will turn any normal fishing trip into an adventure.  A true adventure, where kayak fisher powers the kayak, set bait, cast the line and catches the fish for themselves.  And it is this independent which makes kayak fishing guide a unique experience that every serious angler must try once in their lifetime.

One of the biggest advantage the Hobie kayak has over other personal watercraft is its mirage peddle drive.  Inspired by penguins swimming, the dive quietly powers the kayak, with its stealth calm approach anglers will have the upper hand when fishing for easily spooked fish. Even with an electric trolling motor, which many people consider to be “quiet”, still buzzes loudly, sending warning vibrations all around.  Even though over water the noise is less noticeable, under-water, the vibration is amplified, scaring off the fish.  So if you are fishing in the shallows, tide flats or any area with sensitive fish, Hobie peddle kayaks are the best watercraft choice. 

Hidden fly fishing kayak adventures around the Pacific Northwest

Many Washingtonian fly fishers who travel out of state for world-class fishing adventure are unaware of the hidden jewels the Pacific Northwest has to offer in terms of fly fishing. 

  • The Pacific Northwest sea-run cutthroat; are comparable to many Rocky Mountain blue ribbon trout fishing and will satisfy any avid fly fisher craving for world-class trout fly fishing adventure.
  • The Northwest salmon run; anglers from all over the world visit the Northwest just for local salmon run.  And with the proper fly guide and gear, salmon run is another jewel.     
  • Tide flat fishing for giant star flounder; one of the most overlooked fly fishing adventures is saltwater fly fishing for giant star flounders.  Where else in the world can you fly fish for aggressive bottom fish? 
  • Lake fly fishing for Bass; bass fisher who appreciates the action of bass fishing will enjoy the experience land a bass while it’s dragging the Hobie kayak around the lake.
  • Trophy fly fishing for Tiger Muskie; the fish of a thousand cast and the biggest game fish in Washington will give even the most experienced fly fisher a challenge of a lifetime.  For those fortunate anglers who can get one to bite they will have a story of a lifetime.
  • Along with these, there are many productive lakes and waterways riped for fly fishing. Book Now

Along with our guided kayak trip FishingWa also provide traditional fly fishing trip and fly fishing casting lessons.  Please Contact Us for additional information.