Fly Fishing Lessons

FishingWa Fly Fishing lessons
“Enjoy the outdoors with FishingWA fly fishing lessons”
Fly Fishing Lessons
“Inprove you casting with our fly fishing lessons.”

Ready to Go Fly Fishing?

FishingWa fly fishing lessons offer a professional and fun outdoor learn activity for all ages and skill levels.  Our fly fishing lessons can be custom to suit a private lesson or a group of friends.  

In our experience, one-on-one is the best way to learn to fly fish. This is a much better way to learn than in a large group of unknown individuals typical of many fly fishing courses. But if you are interested in groups we suggest groups of family or friends. We try to provide a minimum of one instructor to every four students.  

With our expert gaming angling coach teaching you to fly fish, you will quickly improve your casting and in turn, making your fishing outing more enjoyable. Lessons are tailored exactly to suit your ability and objectives.  Whether you are new or seasoned to fly fishing, with our experts’ guidance you will cast tighter loops, improve distance and presentation.  In addition to casting lesson, we can help with other aspects of fly fishing, including choosing the most effective flies, rods, fly lines and fly fishing techniques.  Furthermore, we can help you select the proper waders and watercraft best suited for your area.  All our students get a discount on our kayak fishing guide.

FishingWa fly fishing lessons for beginners.

For the beginning fly fishing-person, we focus on basic traditional fly casting technique and fly fishing terminology.  We explain the basic relation between the fly rod, fly reel and the fly line. Our lessons also introduce you to basic fishing knots, fly leaders and fly tippets. We recommend beginning fly anglers overload their fly line weight so they can feel the rod and as they progress they can rest the line to the recommended weight.

There is no doubt a fly fishing lesson is a huge shortcut to success and can eliminate months if not years of frustration trying to teach yourself. By starting fly casting using the correct technique will enable most people with a little practice to become a competent caster in a pretty short space of time and to enjoy their fishing more.

For the one-on-one private lessons, we recommend 30 to 45 minutes lessons allowing students time to grasp the information while giving the students enough time to practice casting.  And for the group of friends and families, we recommend 1 – 2 hours workshop with a maximum of 4 per groups. The most important lesson we teach our beginners is not to be discouraged or afraid to fail. And that in every great fly fisherperson is a collection of failure.  Like Winston Churchill once said, Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”  

Our fly fishing lessons will take you to the next level.

“There is a fine line between fishing and standing on shore and looking like an idiot” – Steven Wright (comedian)

A favorite proverb “10% of the anglers catch 90% of the fish,” rings true. Just because people are fishing doesn’t mean they know what they are doing. And for those who want to get a deeper insight into fly fishing, we provide fly advance fishing lesson.  

For the more experienced fly fisher, the emphasis would be on fly fishing techniques and methods and the day would be tailored to their individual requirements. All techniques for both rivers and still-waters can be taught. Beginners lessons are usually on a one to one basis or with small groups of family or friends and normally take place over a full day although shorter sessions, such as a half-day of tuition, can be arranged.