Fishing Area Code

Fishing Wa online resources offer anglers Washington State Fishing Area code.

Washington State is home to some of the best fishing spots in the United States. The state is blessed with numerous rivers, lakes, and streams, each with their own unique set of fishing regulations and guidelines. To help fishermen navigate the waters, the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife has designated specific area codes for each of its fishing locations.

Puget Sound Region Fishing Area Code

710 California Creek
866 Canyon Creek (Stillaguamish Sys.)
727 Capitol Lake
802 Carbon River
826 Cascade River
714 Chambers Creek
718 Clallam River
722 Curley Creek (Kitsap Co.)
724 Dakota Creek (Whatcom Co.)
726 Deep Creek (Clallam Co.)
728 Deschutes River
732 Dewatto River
734 Dosewallips River
736 Duckabush River
738 Dungeness River
746 Green/Duwamish River (King Co.)
752 Hoko River
754 Kennedy Creek
763 Lake Sammamish
762 Lake Washington
766 Little Quilcene River
768 Lyre River
770 McAllister Creek (Thurston Co.)
778 Minter Creek (Pierce/Kitsap Co.)
782 Morse Creek (Clallam Co.)
786 Nisqually River
794 Nooksack River (below North Fork)
790 Nooksack River, North Fork
788 Nooksack River, Middle Fork
792 Nooksack River, South Fork
870 Pilchuck Creek (Stillaguamish Sys.)
840 Pilchuck River (Snohomish Sys.)
804 Puyallup River
810 Pysht River
812 Quilcene River
842 Raging River
814 Salt Creek (Clallam Co.)
816 Samish River
828 Sauk River
818 Sekiu River
830 Skagit River
834 Skokomish River (Mason Co.)
844 Skykomish River (below forks)
846 Skykomish River, North Fork
848 Skykomish River, South Fork
850 Snohomish River
852 Snoqualmie River
748 Soos Creek
876 Stillaguamish River (below forks)
872 Stillaguamish River, North Fork
874 Stillaguamish River, South Fork
832 Suiattle River
854 Sultan River
878 Tahuya River
856 Tokul Creek
858 Tolt River
880 Union River
860 Wallace River
884 Whatcom Creek

Columbia River Region Fishing Area Code

501 Abernathy Creek
508 Big White Salmon River
507 Blue Creek (Lewis Co.)
609 Cedar Creek (Clark Co.)
515 Chinook River
555 Cispus River
517 Coal Creek (Cowlitz Co.)
519 Columbia R. Buoy 10 to Rocky Pt.-Tongue Pt. line
521 Columbia R. Rocky Pt.-Tongue Pt. line to Longview Br.
523 Columbia R. Longview Br. to I-5 Br.
525 Columbia R. I-5 Br. to Bonneville Dam
527 Columbia R. Bonneville to The Dalles Dam
529 Columbia R. The Dalles to John Day Dam
531 Columbia R. John Day to McNary Dam
533 Columbia R. McNary Dam to Hwy. 395 Br. at Pasco
535 Columbia R. Hwy. 395 Br. to Old Hanford townsite towers
536 Columbia R. Old Hanford townsite towers to Priest Rapids
537 Columbia R. Priest Rapids to Wanapum Dam
539 Columbia R. Wanapum to Rock Island Dam
541 Columbia R. Rock Island to Rocky Reach Dam
543 Columbia R. Rocky Reach to Wells Dam
545 Columbia R. Wells to Chief Joseph Dam
557 Coweeman River
561 Cowlitz R. below Mayfield Dam
559 Cowlitz R. above Cowlitz Falls Dam and Lake Scanewa
580 Deep River (Wahkiakum Co.)
618 Drano Lake
583 Elochoman River
586 Entiat River
589 Germany Creek
592 Grande Ronde River
595 Grays River
596 Grays River, West Fork
565 Green River (Cowlitz Co.)
598 Hamilton Creek
672 Icicle River (Creek)
604 Kalama River below Kalama Falls Hatchery
602 Kalama River above Kalama Falls Hatchery
607 Klickitat River below #5 fishway
608 Klickitat River above #5 fishway
567 Lacamas Creek (Lewis Co.)
559 Lake Scanewa (Reservoir)
670 Lake Wenatchee
611 Lewis River (below East Fork)
613 Lewis River, East Fork
615 Lewis River, North Fork
661 Little Washougal River
618 Little White Salmon River and Drano Lake
563 Mayfield Lake (Reservoir)
621 Methow River
624 Mill Creek (Cowlitz Co.)
625 Mill Creek (Lewis Co.)
627 Okanogan River
569 Olequa Creek (Lewis Co.)
632 Rock Creek (Skamania Co.)
635 Salmon Creek (Clark Co.)
629 Similkameen River
638 Skamokawa Creek
640 Snake R. below Ice Harbor Dam
642 Snake R. Ice Harbor to Lower Monumental Dam
644 Snake R. Lower Monumental to Little Goose Dam
646 Snake R. Little Goose to Lower Granite Dam
648 Snake R. Lower Granite to WA/ID state line, Clarkston
650 Snake R. upstream of the WA/ID state line, Clarkston
571 Tilton River
657 Touchet River
573 Toutle River (below forks)
575 Toutle River, No. Fork
577 Toutle River, So. Fork
653 Tucannon River
659 Walla Walla River
667 Washougal River
665 Washougal River, North and West Forks
674 Wenatchee River
680 Wind River below Shipherd Falls
677 Wind River above Shipherd Falls
690 Yakima River

Coastal Region Fishing Area Code

305 Bear River (Pacific Co.)
386 Big River (Clallam Co.)
706 Black River (Thurston Co.)
398 Bogachiel River
400 Calawah River
308 Cedar Creek (Grays Harbor Co.)
311 Cedar Creek (Jefferson Co.)
312 Cedar River (Pacific Co.)
317 Chehalis R. below Black R.
315 Chehalis R. above Black R.
319 Chehalis River, South Fork
392 Clearwater River
321 Cloquallam Creek
408 Cook Creek
339 Copalis River
402 Dickey River (Clallam Co.)
342 Elk River (Grays Harbor Co.)
345 Goodman Creek (Jefferson Co.)
350 Hoh River below Hwy. 101
348 Hoh River above Hwy. 101
352 Hoh River, South Fork
355 Hoquiam River
358 Humptulips River (below forks)
361 Humptulips River, East Fork
362 Humptulips River, West Fork
323 Joe Creek
367 Johns River
369 Kalaloch Creek
371 Moclips River
373 Mosquito Creek (Jefferson Co.)
375 Naselle River
379 Nemah River
325 Newaukum River
389 Niawiakum River
382 North River
388 Ozette River
390 Palix River
394 Queets River
370 Quigg Lake (Grays Harbor Co.)
404 Quillayute River
327 Quinault Lake
410 Quinault R, Lower (below L.
Quinault, not Cook Cr.)
412 Quinault R, Upper (above L.
414 Raft River
377 Salmon Creek (Pacific Co.)
396 Salmon River (Jefferson Co.)
329 Satsop River, below forks and
East Fork
331 Satsop River, Middle and West
333 Skookumchuck River
384 Smith Creek (Pacific Co.)
406 Sol Duc River
418 Sooes River (Clallam Co.)
364 Stevens Creek
419 Van Winkle Creek (Grays
Harbor Co.)
420 Waatch River
424 Willapa River
422 Willapa River, South Fork
380 Williams Creek
335 Wishkah River
337 Wynoochee RiverMarine Area Codes
1 Ilwaco
2 Westport-Ocean Shores
2-1 Willapa Bay
2-2 Grays Harbor
3 LaPush
4 Neah Bay
5 Sekiu and Pillar Point
6 East Juan de Fuca Strait
7 San Juan Islands
8-1 Deception Pass, Hope Island,
and Skagit Bay
8-2 Ports Susan and Gardner
9 Admiralty Inlet
10 Seattle-Bremerton
11 Tacoma-Vashon Island
12 Hood Canal
13 South Puget Sound


Washington Fishing Area CodeThe area codes for fishing locations in Washington State are divided into three categories: marine areas, freshwater areas, and selective fisheries. Marine areas are designated for fishing in saltwater, while freshwater areas are designated for fishing in lakes, rivers, and streams. Selective fisheries are designed to provide a specific fishing experience, such as fly-fishing or catch-and-release.

Marine areas are divided into 13 different codes, ranging from Area 1 in the north to Area 13 in the south. Each area has its own set of fishing regulations, including bag limits, size restrictions, and season dates. Some of the most popular species of fish found in Washington’s marine waters include salmon, halibut, lingcod, and rockfish.

Freshwater areas are divided into 97 different codes, with each code representing a specific lake, river, or stream. Like the marine areas, each freshwater area has its own set of regulations and guidelines, including bag limits, size restrictions, and season dates. Some of the most popular freshwater species found in Washington include rainbow trout, kokanee salmon, steelhead, and bass.

Selective fisheries are designed to provide a specific fishing experience, such as fly-fishing, catch-and-release, or how to fish for shad. These areas are typically smaller than marine or freshwater areas and are divided into 14 different codes. Some of the most popular selective fisheries in Washington State include the Yakima River, which is known for its fly-fishing opportunities, and the Skagit River, which is known for its catch-and-release steelhead fishing.

It’s important to note that each fishing area code in Washington State has its own unique set of regulations and guidelines, and it’s the responsibility of the fisherman to know and follow these rules. Failure to do so can result in fines, penalties, and the revocation of fishing licenses. The Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife provides detailed information on fishing regulations and guidelines for each area code on its website.

In conclusion, the fishing area codes in Washington State provide fishermen with a clear and organized way to navigate the state’s numerous fishing locations. By knowing and following the regulations and guidelines for each area code, fishermen can enjoy a safe and successful fishing experience in one of the most beautiful and abundant fishing destinations in the United States.