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Best Fish Finder Battery

Over the years of kayak fishing gaining insights on not just the design of the kayaks but have provided much useful knowledge of kayak accessories.  One of these accessories, through many trial and error, is the fish finder battery.  And having gone with a large 12v battery that can power a trolling motor and a fish finder. Then realizing the weight of the battery significantly reduce the kayak performance.  Forced to switch to a smaller 12v battery.  And finally, with all the experience from the countless years, the Best Fish Finder Battery is car jumper battery pack.

Video on installing a fishing finder in Hobie Revolution 13

Material Need to Build the Best Fish Finder battery

Below is a list of materials needed for the project:
Best Fish Finder Battery

  1. Car Jump Starter Booster Power Bank Battery 12V 82800mAh (The higher the mAh the longer the battery life)
  2. EC5 Female Jack to SAE DC Power Automotive Adapter Connector (1)
  3. Quick Disconnect Connect 10 Gauge 2 Pin SAE (1)
  4. Humminbird Fish Finder or any Fish Finder
  5. 12V Water-resistant Fuse Line
  6. 7.5 amp fuse
  7. Waterproof Wire connectors (Any wire connector will work)

Installing and connecting the battery to the fish finder

  1. Install the transducer and fish finder onto the kayak or boat and run the line through the hull.
  2. Take the C5 Female Jack to SAE DC Power Automotive Adapter Connector and connect it to Quick Disconnect Connect 10 Gauge 2 Pin SAE.  Even though the quick disconnect gauge has a positive and negative color marked, it might not be correct, follow the positive and negative line from the C5 Female Jack, this will give the correct line.
  3. Cut the water resistant fuse line (it might already be cut) then connect it to the positive line using the Waterproof Wire connectors Make sure it’s the positive line.
  4. With Waterproof Wire connectors  connect the positive fuse line to the fish finder power line.  The connect the negative quick disconnect to the negative fish finder wiring.
  5. Then take the 7.5 amp fuse and insert it into the fuse slot on the fuse line.
  6. Then power up the fish finder if it doesn’t, check the line to make sure the positive line is correct, then check to see if the line connection is good and then check the fuse to see if it’s properly installed.
Best Fish Finder batter
The connection should look like this when disconnected
Best-Fish Finder Battery Connector
When Connected

The car jumper battery has many applications, it can be used to power a Hobie Kayak Trolling Motor, lights, fans or a live well.  But make sure you take the proper safety measure when dealing with the battery pack because it is extremely dangerous.

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