Best DIY Kayak Loader

“Sometimes less is more” is a lesson as an artist painting, ballet, and now kayaking steadily holds true. The simpler the design the fewer parts that can fail. That is the inspiration that guides the design of best DIY kayak loader.
The design is simple, an upside down “V” design with a roller on top. These are the materials need for the design. It’s made from 1″ PVC pipes which can be purchased in a reputable hardware store. The initial design included a PVC coupling that had 3 right angle slot that would fit on top on each side but the hardware store didn’t care such a coupling.

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Best DIY Kayak LoaderMaterials:
1″ PVC Pipe 20ft long
1.25″ PVC Pipes 6ft long
6 right angle PVC Couplings
2 “T” Couplings
PVC cement
PVC Pipe Cutter or any saw
Foam Padding
Prerequisite: A traditional car trunk. Won’t work with a hatchback.

Keep it simple when building the best DIY Kayak Loader

1) Make sure the kayak loader will fit in your car.
2) If you can build a smaller version do it!
3) If you can find a coupling that has 3 right angles then you will not need the 2 “T” couplings.
4) Might need to use the bungee cord to strap the loader to the car.

Building it is easy, simply review the pictures and video. The difficult part is connecting the “T” coupling on the side because you have to get both sides even so the 1″ PVC crossbar will be fit securely, so it will be less likely to fall apart.
The other difficult part is gluing the PVC pipes together. Because once you put everything together you will need to take it apart to then glue it together but it will be difficult because you will don’t know where each section connects to one another. So simple take a marker and make a line on the coupling and the pipes where they connect.

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