Best Crappie Setup

Best Crappie Setup FloatOne of the most popular setups for crappie is the float setup. It’s a simple setup, 6 lb test line is connected to a float, and under the float is 1/8 jig with a crappie tube. Most people tip the lure with some maggots or worms to give it extra scent to attract more fish. But this by no mean is the best crappie setup.   One of the biggest disadvantages is the float stays in one place and when trying to locate the school of crappies this is a big disadvantage.

Best Crappie Setup Modify Drop ShotThe best setup for crappies is the use a modify drop shoot, where the jig is the weight with 1 or 2 flies above.  To successfully cast modify drop shot switch to a lighter rod, line, and lure.  The rod should be able to 1/32 oz lure and use a 2 lb monofilament fishing line, this will help in casting the lighter lure.  After casting let it drop and then slowly reel in and once in a while jig the lure.  Remember crappies are slow and they will slowly chase the lure and a jig or twitch will help to trigger a bite. But if the lure is moving too fast they will give up on the lure.  GO SLOW!

Gear Selection for the Best Crappie Setup:

Ultralight rod: Croix Panfish or Loomis Trout

Fishing Reel: Small spinning reel

Fishing line: 2lb Mono

Lure: Crappie Tubes & 1/32 jig head & Crappie Flies

Best Crappie Setup CatchCrappies AKA papermouth, the nickname is befitting, with its thin mouth and a soft bite.  A reason to use the ultralight setup with the modified drop shot is the best option. Also loosen the drag on the reel to accommodate for the fragile bite, if not the hook set will tear the hook out of the papermouths.   If anglers hunting for crappies take the advice of Fishing Washington they will have a more successful crappie fishing trip. 

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