Best Bass Lure for Beginners

Washington State offers a good selection of bass fishing opportunities both in the lakes and river on both sides of the Cascades.  But getting started in bass fishing can be difficult due to the overwhelming gears people think they need.  An average bass fisher has at least 5 rods which they use to cast different types of lures ranging from spinners, jerk bait, crank bait, plastics, worms etc.   All these gears can be an obstacle for anglers who want to get into bass fishing.  Because they think it’s too difficult or expensive.  But it doesn’t have to be, all they need is the best bass lure for beginners.

Best bass lure for beginners materialGears Need for Best Bass Lure for Beginners

Rod: Bass Rod (6-12lb to 8-17lb)
Line: 12lb Monofilament
Lure: Spinnerbait & Curly tail grub
Optional: Silicone Lure Skirt

Most people wouldn’t think a stock spinnerbait would be the good lure for bass and they would be right!  But with a little modification, it makes a great lure for anyone who wants to get into bass fishing.   There are 2 things to add to the stock spinnerbait to turn it into one of the best bass lure, 1) add extra silicone lure skirt and 2) and a curly tail grub.  These two additions will turn any spinnerbait into a premium bass lure. 

What makes enhance spinnerbait the best bass lure for beginners?

The update spinnerbait combines 3 lures, spinner, bug, and plastic curly tail grub.  The addition of the extra silicone skirt gives it extra vibration and covers up the hook.  The single curly tail grub adds additional movement to the lure which helps to attract the bass.  The top spinner creates a vibration that will draw bass from long distances.  And the spinnerbait lure is weedless, which means it can be cast into lilypads or other vegetation.

What makes the upgraded spinnerbait the best lure for beginners is that it’s simple to cast and retrieve. It can be used with both a spinning or a bait casting rod which will cut down on the cost of the gear.  And it’s easy, simply cast and slowly retrieve.   When the bass bites the lure, it’s a soft bite, which will give the angler time to hook set.  With the tips provided by Fishing Washington, anglers with the minimum skill will be able to catch bass with the best bass lure for beginners.

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