Bank Fishing for walleye on Moses Lake

Bank Fishing for walleye on Moses Lake StreetPolice sirens, car horns, and the typical city noise pollution, in downtown Moses Lake off N. Straton Rd bridge, the northern side of the bridge, off W Broadway Ave is the most unlikely place one would think to fish for walleyes. But in April walleyes migrate through the narrow N. Straton Rd bridge up to crab creek to spawn giving anglers a rare opportunity for bank fishing for walleye on Moses Lake. This by no means is an ideal fishing spot, at the peek run it’s packed with anglers, constant traffic noise and the stench of a city daily work grind from across the lake reminding anglers of unwanting work days. But for one month out of the year in April, anglers from all over Washington State endure the harsh fishing condition because it is a prime walleye bank fishing for Fishing Washington!

Gears for Bank Fishing for walleye on Moses lake

Bank Fishing for walleye on Moses Lake Walleye Lures

When selecting gears for bank fishing for walleye on Moses Lake there are a few things to consider. Depending on the current, most anglers will use 1/8oz to 1/4oz jig head with single curly tail grubs or tubs. When the current is slow, use the 1/8 jig head this will reduce snagging on rocks and will still have enough weight to get the lure to the bottom. When the current is little stronger after rainy days, use the 1/4 oz jig head, this will help get the lure down to the strike zone faster. Grubs and Tubs size 3″ to 4″ seems to work best and natural dark colors like green with orange sprinkles, brown with copper flake and pumpkin seed green are more successful.

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Walleyes are not considered “fighting” fish, after about 30 seconds they usually give up so there is no need for heavy gears. When bank fishing for walleye on Moses Lake use light spinning rods and small reels, this will help cast the lighter lures further and cut down on casting fatigue. The rod lengths should be between 6ft – 9ft (the longer the better) with the line rating 4lb – 8lb, many anglers use 6lb or 8lb test lines. The rod lure rating should be 1/8oz – 1/4 oz. Use small light reels that are rated for 4lb – 8lb test lines this will help lessen the fatigue and make the fishing experience more enjoyable.

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Bank Fishing for walleye on Moses Lake CatchOne of the most popular technique for bank fishing for walleye on Moses Lake is jigging. Simply cast, let the lure drop to the bottom, and lift the tip of the rod up to create the lure verticle jigging motion then let the lure drop and repeat. But a simple slow retrieve will also work, simply let the lure drop to the bottom and slowly reel in the lure. The trick of the slow retrieve is to reel in fast enough to keep it off the bottom and slow enough be in the strike zone of 1 or 2 feet from the bottom.

For those anglers willing to weather the noise, traffic, and people bank fishing in April can be extremely productive.  Check current regulations for rules but the current limit on walleye for Moses Lake is 8 and one over 22″.

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